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West Coast MCBA Show 2014

I had to sit this show out because my owner was taking lots of animals to this show. He brought 10 of my herdmates to show. He brought Splatches, shh…, Ora, Brandon, Punky, Andi, Motti (he’s my son so I was rooting for him), Sue Shi (my sister), Cole and Eigengrau. The only color he didn’t bring were sapphires since he doesn’t breed them. Anyhow, this story is retold through my herdmates since I wasn’t there.

It was a beautiful day and the show chins were all put in travel carriers by 6:00am. Grooming started at 7:00am. Since this was the most animals my owner has brought to a show, he groomed right up until show time at 10:00am! The judge was Brenda Walter from Wisconsin. Even through there were only around 35 animals, Brenda did a great job of making thoughtful comments on each animal.

In the end, Cole, the ebony, won Grand Show Champion at only five months old! Reserve Grand Show was won by my sister, Sue Shi. I’m proud of my son for winning Reserve Champion Male. Punky Chewster won Reserve Champion Female. Maybe someday I can make some pinkwhites with her. :)

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