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Fall Field Day 2013

So it has been almost a month since the first show of the reactivated ECBC Washington Branch. My owner was awfully stressed but everything went smoothly. I was lucky again to have been able to dust every day in preparation for the show. It was nice not having to drive for 14 hours or fly on Alaska Airlines in the pet cargo area (although it is surprisingly cozy down there...though the kitties are kinda scary).

After months of preparation for the show, the day finally arrived. Chins travelled from all over...Oregon, California, Idaho, Utah, Canada...and a couple of people (including our esteemed judge Roger Clark) from Colorado. Everyone was super helpful in setting up for the show and the venue was perfect.

Saturday morning I was pulled from my mate, Salsa, and put into a carrier...but it was pretty cool because I got to see my son, Motti, at the show. (My vision isn’t all that great so I can’t even see him across the room at home.) I also got to see my half-sister, Sue Shi. They’re both black velvets. And off we went with about 10 of my herd mates at 4am. Needless to say, it was a bit early to be having a comb dragged across my fur, but it was nice to look pretty again.

There were so many chins at the show we ran out of cages! We did start a bit late because all the chins had to look pretty before we started. The first half of the show was the standards and there were many so it took a while to judge them all. The audience asked questions and there was a lot that was learned at this show. At the end of the standards, many of the breeders represented were on the final table, but Casey Craner and his dad, Jerry, took Grand Show Champion and Reserve Grand Show Champion! Some excellent examples of high quality standards.

On to the mutation show. I was up first because, well, I am a white mosaic. I got a second place, which is fine since I am over two years old...besides, I have already won a Class Champion ribbon so no worries. (I just like to come along so I can give you a first paw account of what happens at the shows.) Next up from my herd were the beiges, and Punky Chewster was on the table. She sure is a cutie and she won Class Champion against a pretty good-sized beige class! Next up from my herd were the black velvets, my half-sibling Sue Shi and my son Motti. This was another large class and I was extremely excited to see Sue Shi win Reserve Class Champion and my son Motti win Class Champion black velvet! I guess I should stay with my current mate since I make pretty offspring!

After a brief break where there were lots of raffle items being given out, we watched the judging for the Grand Show Champion. It was exciting to see excellent examples of the color classes on the final table. As the judging went on, the whites and ebonies were picked off and it was down to Punky Chewster representing the beiges, and my son Motti representing the black velvets. After a few minutes of thought, Roger called for the backup to Motti, Sue Shi, and on the table there was Punky Chewster, Motti and Sue Shi. I noticed my owner at the points table stopped breathing, not sure what that was about. Anyhow, Roger declared Motti the Grand Show Champion mutation and Sue Shi the Reserve Grand Show Champion! Two black velvets! I think my owner was in shock.

Soon after, everyone started packing up their chins and cleaning up. Thankfully there were many people willing to help with the setup and breakdown or my owner would have not been able to pull off this show. We were able to get home in a couple hours and safely returned to our cages. We all received vitamins and treats. Still thinking about how proud I am of my boy for winning the mutation show!

Until next time, keep your paws up!

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