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California State ECBC Sanctioned Show 2014

My owner left me behind this show (and I suspect future shows, as I am becoming old and am busy breeding) so this account is what I overheard from my herdmates. My owner and 8 of my herdmates made the journey on Alaska Airlines in the cargo hold area on January 10th. He helped the show chair set up the venue, which was a nice big room with several siderooms in an old airbase turned convention center. There were rooms for vendors, grooming and food, which was pretty awesome!

Saturday was the standard animal show and since my owner only had one animal, Andi, he was able to sleep in. There were seven classes and Andi was judged in the last class. She got a first place! The GSC and RGSC were animals bred by Nan and Dark Star. Nice big animals!

Sunday was a busy morning with the remaining animals being shown and needing to be groomed. My owner is a slow groomer so it took him about three hours to groom those 7 animals! They started the show at 9:30am with the whites. Splatches was in that group and got a first, sitting next to La Paloma’s dark-eared white. He was kicked out of champ contention by La Paloma’s pinkwhite. Net up were Breslyn and Punky Chewster. Breslyn got a second, but Punky went on to get Reserve Class Champ beige, again, under La Paloma. My owner was honored when Gary asked why Punky wasn’t coming home with him! Then came the ebonies, with Simone Sez and Eigengrau up for judging. Simone got a second and Eigengrau got a first! Then came the black velvets with Motti (my son) and Sue Shi (my sister). Motti got a third (mainly because he pees on tiles in his cage so his belly was off). Sue Shi got a first. La Paloma ended up taking all the Class Champs with the exception of the violets. It is good to see what the industry needs to strive for.

My owner was honored to earn the 5th place breeder and the 1st place junior mutation breeder awards!

The raffles were excellent as always and my owner came back with three bottles of wine and a giant Floofie made by Annie at ChinChic….it’s like a monster ebony! I think it is the size of chinchillas that La Palmoma is trying to breed!

My owner made it home with 5 new additions to the herd from Spitfire Chinchillas, Chinchilla Chateau, and RDZC Chinchillas. It will be interesting what he produces from those animals. He was so tired from the show he was falling asleep seated upright at random times throughout the day! Next time, maybe he should plan on taking the day off next time!

In other news, unfortunately we will not be attending the ECBC Nationals this year due to financial reasons. Hopefully we can make it next year!

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