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And the Rocket's Red Glare...

Happy 4th of July! While my people were originally from somewhere in the Andes, I consider myself American. My ancestors who immigrated here are probably about 30 or more generations back, so ‘mericuh! :)

Oh, and this heat wave has got to stop. My owner can only do so much air conditioning and windows/blinds open/closed manipulation! It is rather hilarious to see his reaction when one of my herd mates is sprawled out on the cage floor playing dead from the warmth. (Yes, 74° F is a heat wave to chinchillas!) His panic just makes us want to do it more often. :)

Well, after some alone time after my son, Motti, was born, my owner reunited me with my last mate, Salsa. She made a cute Black Velvet baby...well, I threw the TOV gene to make that happen, but we are hoping that we put all of our great qualities together when we made him. Anyhow, after many weeks of grading and consideration, my owner actually paired about 20 females. So let’s hope for some nice fall and winter kits!

It’s been about a month and a half and I think I finally got my chance with Salsa a couple nights ago. At least I hope that’s what these white tufts of fur hanging off my back mean. So check back in about 111 days to see if I have sired another kit! Maybe it will be TOV white mosaic like me!

Oh, on a side note, my owner has been coordinating the reactivated ECBC Washington State Branch. He is putting together a show and welcomes both old and new breeders alike. This will be a field day which is quite educational. Click here for more information.

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