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I strive to provide the highest quality pet chinchillas and work closely with each buyer during the adoption process. Females are in breeding throughout the year so I frequently offer chinchillas for sale. Please contact me directly for availability, pricing, and to schedule a visit with adoptable chinchillas. We probably have an adorable chin that's just right for you!

Email me ( to inquire about chinchillas available for purchase. Please provide the following information:

  • Name

  • Phone number and email address

  • Location

  • Experience with pet chinchillas - Will this be your first chinchilla or have you previously kept chinchillas?

  • Detailed information on the type of chinchilla you would like to adopt. Include details about desired age (kit or mature chinchilla), color, and sex.

Chinchilla Colors

Wild chinchillas come in a variety of colors ranging from gray to brown, colors which provide camouflage and protect against predation. Beginning in the 1950s, chinchilla breeders have successfully introduced a variety of different colors. I breed standard and mutation chinchillas in the following colors:

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